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Safety Zone, LLC is a corporation formed to create developmentally appropriate intervention materials to assist professionals who work with juveniles who misuse fire. The following is brief introduction to the development team.

Fire Safe Zone Board Game

The Development Team

Robert Gitelson

Robert Gitelson

Robert has participated on the Marion County Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Network since its inception 17 years ago and worked with the clinical committee from Juvenile Firesetter Treatment Task Force in developing the Oregon Model of treating juvenile firesetters. He has gained extensive clinical experience providing therapeutic services for children, adults and families, over his 22 years in the field. He is currently in private practice in Keizer, Oregon.

Karen Johnston

Karen Johnston

Karen is a retired clinical social worker who specialized in treating children and teens. Karen developed a curriculum for the Office of State Fire Marshal in Oregon to be used in group treatment of juveniles who misuse fire. She is the author of, “The Day Freddy’s Bubble Burst”- a story for children who have behaved unsafely with fire. Karen has co-led groups for children who have set fires. Karen worked at Peace Health Medical Group in Eugene, OR in their out-patient clinic.


Christine Viola-Krause Psy.D.

Christine is a clinical and forensic psychologist, licensed in both Oregon and Washington. She is the Psychologist/ Training Director for the Clark County Juvenile Court in Vancouver, WA. Christine also maintains a private practice in Portland, Oregon, where assessment and treatment of juvenile firesetters is one area of her practice focus. Christine has previously been a member of the Office of State Fire Marshal’s Treatment Strategies Task Force and co-chairperson of the Multnomah County Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Network.

Contact Info

4720 River Road North

Keizer, OR 97303

I used the Fire Safety Zone game with several of my younger students, they loved playing the game. I liked the questions and interaction of it. It was fun and didn't seem like we were learning a lesson, but really we were.

Lt. John Eagan(RET), FireSmartKids


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